It began with a serious investigation into the workings of the mind. But sooner or later that all became a tangle of knots and then those knots in turn became even more tangled. Then who or what was doing the investigating? (April 2012)

Next comes the Seeing of who you really are.
‘Who am I?’ Answering itself if you like.
This Seeing is often accompanied by a sensation.
Some might have an adrenalin rush with a feeling of ‘wow!’
Others might simply say, ‘is this all it is… now what?’
In this case it was a palpable sense of relief.
The ‘search’ was finally over.
There was no need to go anywhere, just remain where one is.
Right here now. (December 2012)

Now even that ‘seeing who your really are’ is only a thought. Like all thoughts this arises in the spaciousness. The spaciousness in which we all appear – not separate. (June 2013)

Wishing you well on your journey – the journey which never is. How far to you have to go to arrive at where you are?

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