Buried treasure for no one.

All we can do is is witness. But the question arises, “Who is witnessing the witnessing?” No one! That simple. There cannot be another without separation and we are dealing with wholeness as in Self/God/Consciousness is all, entirety, 100%. What can appear outside wholeness? Where is the 1% outside 100%?

Witness appears with Consciousness. No consciousness, no witnessing. When does consciousness arise? No idea. Then who is there to know it? Only Consciousness. Consciousness knowing itself as it were.

Like buried treasure of great worth it appears. One is tempted to say one stumbled across it, for it has been here all along – yet how it became noticed remains a mystery. Even so, it is being held gratefully in these arms, in it lies true wealth. At the same time it is utterly worthless. It cannot be sold. It cannot even be shown it to anyone.

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