A life of searching for…

Surely all that searching and seeking over so many years for answers and reasons must amount to something. But the question arises: to what?

For where I am is where I have always been. Which implies there was no need to search and seek elsewhere. The only conclusion is that it must have happened in some form of dream. I envisaged I was somewhere else – on a journey – then awoke to discover it was all taking place in my imagination.

At centre – being who one is – is unlike anything that has gone before or will come. That is because nothing has gone before or will arrive. Being is ‘now’ – not even that – for time too belongs to the imagination and ‘now’ only has relevance in relation to a past and a future.

So empty and changeless one is open to everything and all change. One without the other could not exist. They are One – appearing otherwise. At heart a unified boundless reality – a phantasmagoria in appearance.

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