It all comes down to Knowing.

Yet no one is knowing this Knowing. It just is that. The Knowing that, without thought or anything arising, wholeness remains intact. A wholeness free from shape or form or substance. The Knowing itself or itself.

This Knowing is of a type that cannot be sought out, nor even thought about. For any thoughts or conceptualisation only introduces separation – even if it is a false separation for wholeness cannot be divided. However the imagined separate entity – a pseudo subject (object posing as subject) lives out the story of separation and all the intricacy, change, nonsense that this entails.

Within this fictitious separation lies doubt, fear, reasoning and all the other factors that complicate what essentially is pure. For it was the Zen masters who referred to that Whole state as Pure Mind – One Mind – Empty Mind – to differentiate if from the ordinary mind which is constantly vying with random thoughts, life’s injustices, all that is now appearing in its seemingly random and unfathomable complexity before us. Even if in actuality this too is the ‘living energy’ expressing itself.

Dare I say it. Though it is not I, but the Knowing. The Knowing that ‘I am’ – and subsequently have fulfilled what is required – the recognition that I never was other than this. From the place of stillness, where is there to go? What is there to do or achieve? Just watch as it all unfolds – appears. Participate not merely for the fun, but because there is no other choice. Now is now and One is inseparably part of it – is it. That to be otherwise would imply being outside of it – just as 1% over 100% is totally without substance.

That is not to say there is some thing, some entity that frequently arises trying to claim this ‘Knowing’ as its own. Whereas at one time this imposter succeeded – has succeeded for many years – with Knowing came Truth invested with a power to dispel this masquerading energy appearing in all it’s varying disguises. Like a magician, whose secrets have been exposed, he has little option but to sidle of stage to avoid being heaped with further humiliation.

Once you give up thinking about it, Knowing is so incredibly simple. It is basically what is left.

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