Seeking what?

It only requires a little thought to realise how ludicrous is the idea of seeking something other than what we are.

The problem arises because we begin from a faulty premise. We believe we are imperfect, separate, incomplete, in need of something to make us happy, content, whole. It as if we are trying to view a landscape with blinkered vision.

Instead let us start with the assumption we are complete, whole, not lacking anything. Fulfilment is ours, as is the panorama we now behold with our single open eye wide open.

Herein lies the truth. We are not lacking, we have everything. We just don’t realise this. It is the belief that we are poor which is causing us to live in poverty.

So what is preventing us from realising our true, whole nature? The simple fact that we cannot realise it. Not from the viewpoint of this poor individual Рwho feels him or herself  separate, alone, divided Рbrought about by erroneous thoughts. For the imagined individual is destined to live out its squandered existence unaware of the its true nature. Even if we should think about an alternative existence, it would only be small mind trying to conceive the universal mind or which it can have no conception Рas it truly is a case of the lower not being able to see (conceive) the higher.

Vision has to begin from ‘here’ – the source. Everything appears in that ‘seeing’. No separation – no duality. Any seeking of it assumes there is something other to be sought. But that which is being sought is the seeker. It is One erroneously divided into two. Chasing its own tail.

So start from wholeness. Unspoken wholeness.

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